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Why Tennis

Posted on September 18, 2016 at 4:45 PM

Welcome to the Veres Tennis blog

This blog is created to be a ‘meeting place of opinions’, we would like to share our thoughts on various subject related to tennis directly and indirectly. In time we hope to build an interactive setting with many interesting thoughts and opinions by us and our readers!

So, should my kids play tennis? 

Big decision! We agree with you!

You know, if you say yes, then tennis will eat up free time, kids will spend less time with the family, there will be less time for school work, other classes, music, math, chess, football, name it…maybe it would be better to spend that time on other social or academic pursuits...

What are the benefits of playing tennis? Is it worth the time, commitment and money to invest in sport activities?

What experts & studies say:

Tennis is based on wide range scientific researches - these studies conclude that sports in general, support mind and body development.

Playing tennis regularly has many associated physical and psychological health benefits.

These health benefits are particularly important for a child’s body, physical, emotional and mental development. However, the human system can be trained and improved at any stage of life.

We believe, there are several important reasons to participate in tennis for your kids, to name a few, tennis a great way to have fun, stay fit, improve skills, and make friends!

Ok, you decided, your kids should try tennis!

Are you wondering what is the most suitable age for children to start playing tennis? There are multiple variable to consider, such as attention span/focus, ability to develop fine motor skill, and learn movement patterns and technique...

Are you not sure what programs to enter (academy, after school, 10 and under)?

What if my kids are gifted…? (That would open a whole new set of questions…;)

We agree with you, this is a difficult decision, it is hard to find the right tennis program, the one fits your needs, the one that fits your kid’s needs.

Veres Tennis team, is looking to answer one or most of the questions you as parent, junior or athlete may have.

We cannot promise your kids will be the next US Open Champions!

But, we can provide honest and sincere evaluation of your kids potential and the best possible professional teaching program available!

We are going to post a string of interviewes with our former students, about their experience with sport,tennis.

The next blog is an interview with Jonathan Pearlman, a Harvard graduate, former number 1 player of Harvard Crimson's Tennis Team.

Looking for to hear from you!

Nandor Veres SR. and Nandor Veres JR.





Categories: Youth Tennis, Tennis, Junior tennis academy

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